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Dear Michael,


As you could feel during the 'concert', those in attendance very much appreciated the program you put together for our group.  From your comprehensive introductions to the talent and poise displayed by Logan, Corey, Peyton and Andrew and your accompaniment & playing with Logan, it was a treat for the eyes and ears.  Thank you for your skill in teaching music, as well as stage presence and other skills that make a performance polished.


Anne and I heard many appreciative comments during the afternoon.


Please pass on our thanks, again, to the four.  In years to come we expect to be able to say, "I heard them in Belleville; their talent and dedication was unmistakable."  And thank you.




Thanks again Michael for the entertainment yesterday.


Your students are extremely talented, and with your guidance have become confident and skilled performers. Many of the women asked if we could have you do a similar presentation next year. Since I'll be chair of the Program committee, I'll ensure that it happens - with your approval, of course! Several even mentioned that it was the best program that we've had in years.  Please extend again my congratulations to the kids and tell them how much we appreciated their music!


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